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July 2008
Power boat 2008 « Championnat du monde des bateaux off shore »
Yasmine Hammamet

March 2009
BNP Paris Bas - Tozeur

August 2008
Congress MIG - Yasmine Hammamet

May 2008
Assurance Groupe Monceaux France - Djerba

October 2007
TOTAL Belgique - Tunis

March 2007
Materne-Mont Blanc France - Hammamet

March 2007
Brothers France - Hammamet

October 2006
Business Review Schlumberger International - Djerba

October 2006
Chausson camping-cars France - Hammamet











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From the green North up to the Sahara in the South, Tunisia is characterized by a variety of sites and incomparable scenery. Creative Tunisia devises for you complete programs and assists you in their performance since the reception of participants until their departure.

A cultural tour

Tunis– Sidi Bou Saïd– Carthage – Bardo

The starting point is Tunis, with a free walk in the city center and throughout the medina with its typical architecture, its traditional souks and one of its greatest Arab-Muslim monuments “The Great Mosque Zaytuna”.

Departure for lunch in La Goulette which is situated 10km from Tunis and the first fishing port of this city. You enjoy the various dishes with fish and seafood.

The tour continues toward Sidi Bou Said, the pearl of Tunisian heritage and the preserved identity for several years without being retouched, you are appreciating the marriage of the blue doors and the whiteness of its ramparts. In the shopping street, artisans and souvenir sellers are crammed full.

And to navigate better the history of Tunisia, visiting the ruins of Carthage, including the Baths of Antoninus, (Punic Carthage) with its theater and the Tophet of Salambo is essential.

And finally, you visit the Bardo Museum, which is containing the largest collections of Roman and Byzantine mosaics in the world and a wide variety of archaeological items, jewels from a rich history of Tunisian since several millennia and from different civilizations. Then you drive back to the hotel.

A trip to the Sahara

1st day : Mahdia / El Jem / Matmata / Gabes/ DOUZ
Departure: Destination El Jem, a visit to the amphitheater.

2nd destination:  Matmata with a visit of troglodyte dwellings, and a lunch at a Berber restaurant.

3rd destination: Gabes with a visit to the souk "Jara». Before reaching the final destination you have a stop in Zaafrane with a ride on camels until sunset to enjoy the panoramic view of the Sahara with its sand dunes and oases.

End of the day: dinner and overnight at a hotel in Douz 3 *.

2nd day : Douz /Tozeur /Chebika / Tamerza /Kairouan /Mahdia
Departure to Tozeur with a stop at Chott Jerid , which is known for its salt lake that stretches between the sea and the desert.

Arrival in Tozeur: a carriage tour of the most beautiful oasis Chebika and Tamerza and a visit to the museum «Dar Chreit». 

The next destination is Kairouan with a visit to the carpet manufacturers showing the unique traditions to this region.
 End of the day with a return to Mahdia.

A treasure hunt

If you like adventure, dive into a real treasure hunt to discover the richness and history of Tunisia. It’s a trip by 4x4 in one day to discover the 12 keys of the treasures in Tunisia.

A 4x4 with driver, well equipped with the appropriate shield, the road book and lunch baskets.

Sites to visit are: Tunis, Hammamet, Carthage and Sidi Bou Said. For each site, three questions are asked: a cultural one, one about meeting people and one about entertaining.

This treasure hunt will be for you an interesting and amusing trip. The puzzles will be instructive and informative like knowing the country's historical monuments or the most popular dishes of the Tunisian gastronomy. Also you learn the customs and traditions of Tunisia, through the various objects that illustrate them.

All safety standards will be met; a permanent contact with the driver, and in case of failure, a spare car will be available.

A précised dead line will be set at 18hrs at the hotel, even if participants did not have time to do everything.

A gift will be offered for the winning team. The honor ceremony will be held in the evening at the poolside of the hotel with a small animation.